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+ 80% Commissions
+ Refer More… Earn More
+ Commissions on 10 Levels!
+ Easily Duplicated
+ 60% Direct Commissions
+ 20% 10 Level Passive Income
Q: How can BitcoinAdsTrain pay such High Commissions?
A: When you refer a new user, that new user’s payment is then split & shared into the correct percentages as soon as they issue the payment. Like this there will always be funds to pay as you are getting the SOURCE PAYMENT EVERYTIME (never borrowed funds, delayed funds or funds on credit) and we only take a 20% Management Fee in total once all 10 levels are completed and share percentages equally up to 100% of the SOURCE Payment.
[Example Level 1]: When you refer on Level 1 you instantly get 60% of the source funds from the new paying referred user and Management gets the remaining 40%
[Example Level 2]: When you refer a new user on Level 2 You get 60%+10% and Management gets the remaining 30% and so on… SO THERE WILL ALWAYS BE 100% OF the SOURCE FUNDS being split and shared to all Referrers & Management correctly at the exact time the payment is made. NO ROOM TO BE SCAMMED as all payments are done INSTANTLY at SOURCE and paid to your Bitcoin external Wallet… and that’s the Simplicity & BEAUTY OF BITCOIN ADS TRAIN… EVERYONE GETS PAID. Start earning a real solid Monthly Income with us… JUMP ON BOARD TODAY!
PLUS… you also get paid for ALL Back-Office Advertising purchases by your referrals… THIS IS ALSO PAID INSTANTLY to YOUR External BITCOIN WALLET!

Q: So… How Do I Earn 80% Commissions?
A: All you have to do is refer, then you are paid instantly & directly to your external Bitcoin Wallet, it’s that simple… Nothing more to it. You are paid instantly for each new direct referral  and also paid instantly on your 10 Level downline. Your earning potential is instant & limitless!
Your earnings explode because the system is simple and  100% duplicatable which is what you need to easily build huge teams and for them to replicate & build also which maximizes your earnings even further!
+ Partners/Referrers don’t need to Advertise to Earn Commissions


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The more you Refer the more you Earn. Start Building Your Teams & Replicate the system to get paid on 9 Levels Passively. Everybody wins using our simple Bitcoin multiplier duplication system.
We only utilize the REAL POWER of the direct Bitcoin currency market which means BitcoinAdsTrain is scalable, long term and future proof as it directly works alongside the official daily rate of Bitcoin.
Earn Passive Income on ALL 10 Levels
Commissions paid Instantly!
Unlimited Earning Potential
Unlimited Frontline Referrals
Commissions on 10 Levels!
80% Referral Commission
Instantly Paid via Bitcoin
No Bitcoin Mining
No Trading
NO CLICKING on Banners to be Paid!
Only want to Refer/Recruit?
++ You can do that!
Only want to Advertise?
++ You can do that too!
Dont miss your Train.
Jump on board TODAY!

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This Bitcoin Advertising Train moves FAST… Jump Aboard!

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Q: ” Will I get Paid”?
A: YES YOU WILL GET PAID!!! There is no room to SCAM or DELAY Payments as all commission payments are INSTANTLY PAID at SOURCE. It is a fail proof Business Model built for long term scalability.
Q: ” I don’t have a Bitcoin account/wallet can I still join”?
A: YES you can… once you sign up you will see several different options  in your Back-Office where you can open a Bitcoin Account/Wallet..



And Allows us to Pay You INSTANTLY!



YOUR FRONTLINE is UNLIMITED so you can refer 1, 10 or 10,000+ on your Direct Referral Level!

Everyone starts their journey on Carriage 1 “All Aboard”
Moving Up The Train Carriages
(Level 10 – Directors Carriage)

Carriage 10: Director
Carriage 9: Executive
Carriage 8: Boardroom
Carriage 7: VIP
Carriage 6: 1st Class
Carriage 5: Buffet
Carriage 4: Restaurant
Carriage 3: 2nd Class
Carriage 2: Walk Through
Carriage 1: All Aboard
As you get more Referrals & build your Team you move up the Carriages all the way up to the “Director’s Carriage” Carriage 10 (Front of the Train).
Let me Say AGAIN!
YOUR FRONTLINE is UNLIMITED so you can Refer 1, 10 or 10,000+ new users on your Direct Referrals!

NOW… imagine your team doing exactly the same as you! ????



Transparent residual numbers with 20% Platform Fee already subtracted.
Let’s say you recruit 10 New Referrals who purchase advertising then you will make 0.19 BTC at position 10 (Carriage 10)
Each of the referrals also recruit the same amount of new users who also purchase advertising [+0.02 BTC] and also refer at least 10 new referrals [+0.007].
Out of those people each of their referrals do the same while you are at position 4 (Carriage 4) then you will make [+0.003 BTC] on this level
For each 10 referred by them you will make [+0.003 BTC]. This keeps snowballing as you move up the train carriages (positions) allowing you to make 60.BTC at position 5 (Carriage 5), 600 BTC at position 4 (carriage 4) and it just keeps on growing so you are able to make more.
Once you get to position 1 (Director’s Front Train Carriage) and maxed out your one line vertical downline you would have made 0.463 BTC (approx $1,950) from extra advertising referral income!



Just imagine if you get a very modest 500 FRONT LINE MEMBERS who purchase advertising that is 230 BTC approx $975,000 instantly paid in your pocket.
Even at 100 members Front Line you will still make 46 BTC approx $195,000.
So as you can see… your earnings potential is LIMITLESS!
An astounding amount when you look at the initial outlay of [0.0072 BTC] to buy your advertising banner and all you had to do is refer 10 people to board the Bitcoin Ads Train.



THE FIRST TOP 3 Leaders who max out the Plan [480 BTC] with or without reaching Carriage 10, will get the opportunity to be a Director then be paid Percentages on every single sale within the Company not just from whom you referred!