About Us

We wanted to build a new advertising technology platform where everyone would benefit from the utilization of Bitcoins and this is how BitcoinAdsTrain was first conceptualized. We now have a Bitcoin advertising platform where everyone can win and get paid instantly.
BitcoinAdsTrain is a SOLID SCALABLE LONG TERM ADVERTISING PLATFORM helping Business Owners publicize their Business and also get compensated for referring new advertisers & users.
If our advertising clients and referring members love the value we bring to their business they are welcome to recommend our services, share their experience and referral links with friends, family, associates & prospects. No member is obligated to refer new advertisers to join.
We do not sell stocks, shares, securities, commodities and we are not a company to accept investments in those said sectors or any other sector. Services rendered on BitcoinAdsTrain is 100% for Advertising and each advertiser has the choice whether to announce our services to other interested parties so they may also advertise their business on BitcoinAdsTrain.com.
All advertisers who refer new clients are compensated directly and instantly from the new advertiser they just referred at the exact time the new advertiser pays for his/her advertising package, commissions will automatically be paid once confirmed on the Blockchain.