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There is always a growing demand for Bitcoin hardware wallets. Ledger and TREZOR are the clear market leaders in this regard. It seems we now have a new limited edition hardware wallet by the latter company. Only 4,000 units of the Model T will be created, making it somewhat of a collector’s item. Pre-orders for this wallet are open now and the product should start shipping in January of 2018.

It is always good to see more Bitcoin hardware wallet solutions come to market. More specifically, consumers crave these solutions first and foremost. It is up to manufacturers to create new products everyone can appreciate. The new TREZOR Model T seems to check all of the right boxes in this regard. Especially when considering how there will only be 4,000 units, pre-ordering quickly is the number one priority.

TREZOR Model T is Worth Buying

Under the hood, the Model T looks somewhat similar to other wallets produced by the company. It has a larger screen with a touchscreen interface. A total of eight different coins are supported, including BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, and a few others. The Model T also boasts the same interface compared to previous models.Everything about this wallet looks pretty convenient and approachable. Solutions like these make life a bit easier for both experienced and novice cryptocurrency users alike.

Additionally, it seems other currencies will be supported by the TREZOR Model T in the future. It is unclear which coins that will be exactly, though. With so many currencies and digital assets, there is a growing list to pick from. Similar to previous models, this new wallet keeps confidential data on the device itself. The USB communication is only used after authentication. Plus, it boasts a USB-C connection and MicroSD support.

For the price of 149 EUR, there is nothing to dislike about the Model T whatsoever. It offers everything people could want and more. The limited edition aspect will only make it more appealing. It is a great way to introduce friends and family members to cryptocurrency. Granted, the price tag is a bit steep. However, it is a price people will pay for cryptocurrency wallet security. Keeping coins safe from harm is of the utmost importance right now.

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