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Cryptocurrency exchanges are a vital part of the ecosystem. Even though they are also a weak point, it is a necessary evil for the time being. Over in Argentina, cryptocurrency has quickly become a lot more popular for obvious reasons.  More specifically, the liquidity these exchanges provide is of great value to customers. SurBTC is one of the biggest exchanges in Latin America right now. They recently added Bitcoin Cash support, which is a rather surprising decision.  

Many cryptocurrency exchanges support BCH these days. There is enough liquidity to sustain the whole world. However, not every exchange can be used by people all over the world either. In most cases, the demand for a local exchange platform is rather large. With native currency support, a lot of users will show an interesting in these projects. SurBTC has successfully made a name for itself in this regard. Even though most Latin American currencies aren’t worth much, they can still be exchanged for Bitcoin. Or Bitcoin Cash, by the look of things.

Bitcoin Cash Comes to SurBTC

This latter addition comes at a very interesting time. We have seen the price of Bitcoin Cash surge to new heights last week. It is only normal demand for this altcoin is on the rise as well. This is especially true in Argentina right now, where financial hardship is the new norm. Consumers need access to more money and cryptocurrency provides them with exactly that. That is, assuming they can gain access to proper cryptocurrencies which can be traded for profit on a regular basis. Right now, Bitcoin Cash seems to fit this bill quite nicely.

While this addition is significant, SurBTC is not the most liquid exchange. They support Bitcoin and Ethereum as of right now, with Bitcoin Cash added, but not visible on Coinmarketcap yet. Even the Bitcoin trading markets generate under $250,000 each these days. Surprisingly, they value Bitcoin at $7,310.86 in one fiat market. It will be interesting to see how they value Bitcoin Cash in its current state. It is good to see more liquidity for this altcoin in general, though.

One thing that is unclear is why the decision was made. It is possible customers demand this altcoin. At the same time, the company may have decided to add it themselves. Either way, the Bitcoin Cash community will be quite pleased with this change. It is evident people want access to popular cryptocurrencies. Right now, BCH is the popular coin people want to buy and sell. It may be something else entirely next week, for all we know. An interesting situation, that much is certain.

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