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A lot of discussions in the Bitcoin world are political in nature these days. There is a very big group of people who support Bitcoin Core no matter what. Others favor Bitcoin Cash simply because it is as anti-Core as it gets. The rest just wants a better Bitcoin but has to deal with this fractured community. CobraBitcoin made some interesting comments regarding the “fanboy” attitude surrounding Bitcoin Core.

It is evident a lot of people support the Core developers. That is only normal, as they have done a pretty decent job improving Bitcoin over time. Not all of their decisions have been well-received, but that is only to be expected. One could argue it is the Bitcoin Core developers who inadvertently forced people to fork off through Bitcoin Cash. The opinions on this matter will always remain divided as well. However, one also has to admit there is a lot of negative bias toward the Core devs as of late.

Bitcoin Core is not Always Right or Wrong

Whether or not Core is the best for Bitcoin, is a completely different discussion. However, the number of FUD spread in accordance to Bitcoin Core has grown enormously. We see very odd posts on social media virtually every day for a few months now. The correlation between Core and Blockstream is doing more damage than good right now, at least from a PR perspective. It is doubtful this situation will be resolved anytime soon either. After all, political shenanigans are the “news channel” of Bitcoin, so to speak.

CobraBitcoin touched upon this concept in the tweet above. The fanboyism affecting Bitcoin Core has certainly been taken to a whole new level. For every semi-negative mention of Core, diehard supporters will come up with even more FUD and bias. It has created a very toxic environment that will eventually hinder the growth of Bitcoin as we know it. Instead of coming together, the communities are pushing each other away even further. While a demise of Bitcoin – or Bitcoin Cash – may not happen soon, things direly need to improve.

One thing we can all agree on is how Bitcoin is no longer a trustless network whatsoever. A lot of people associated with Bitcoin are all pushing their own agendas. This includes Bitcoin Core developers, the people supporting them, and the ones opposing them as well. This situation cannot be sustained for much longer, that much is rather evident. Bitcoin Core is not necessarily the best course of action for BTC as a whole. However, there have been a lot of decent decisions they deserve credit for as well. An open dialogue should always take precedence over hard forks and FUD. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case for several years now.

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