Hacked Canadian Bitcoin Exchange MapleChange Returns to Twitter, Opens Refund Chat Room

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Canada bitcoin exchange

Following yesterday’s report that MapleChange had claimed to have been hacked and gone offline, the Canadian bitcoin exchange’s Twitter account has come back to life, and they have opened a Discord chat room in order to facilitate altcoin refunds. According to a tweet, they will not be refunding any litecoin or bitcoin deposits. Their main website remains offline.

Customers appeared to garner no reassurance from the new tweets, with more than one insinuating that they would be contacting authorities regarding the recent events.

For individuals who wanted more tailored service as regards becoming whole, the firm asked people to reach out individually:

Finally, the exchange announced that it had established a Discord chat room for refund requestors to access.

Unfortunately, CCN was unable to investigate what if anything was being done in the chat room, as the link provided did not work for us as of the time of writing.

Subsequent tweets spoke of altcoins being returned to their holders.

Also during their tweet storm, they gave a lot more information about the attack they say they have suffered. They provided a screenshot (below) of negative balances on the exchange. As anyone can see from the numbers, it’s plainer than ever that this was not a large-scale exchange.

According to MapleChange, the attackers were able to do trades worth about 15 bitcoins, but they were only able to withdraw about 8 bitcoins as that was all that was actually available. It seems there were several issues with the exchange’s structure, that these problems could occur in the first place.

MapleChange took issue with reports on the hack and explained that they had “not disappeared,” though their website and social media accounts had been taken offline on Sunday. They maligned media outlets that they claim “spewed” regarding the exchange’s troubles, but were primarily upset about reporting that had insinuated that the exchange had at some point held 919 bitcoins. Quite the contrary, the exchange’s total volume was frequently under 2BTC.

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