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Uulala offers a payment, remittance and micro-credit solution to the underbanked population in Latin America. The Uulala platform provides individuals in the U.S,, Mexico and Latin America the ability to participate in secure financial transactions, create a credit profile, make money transfers, as well as receive access to entertainment and participate in e-commerce, which they could not access before due to limited banking infrastructure.

The market for remittance is growing due to the situation in the economies of the world, trends in the development of migration processes and the level of unemployment. Total money transfers in the U.S. amounted to $429 billion in 2016.

Latin America and the Caribbeans are the only regions in which the growth of remittances was noted in 2016. According to the assessment, their total amount was $73 billion U.S. dollars (6.9% more than in 2015).

According to the World Bank, the average commission on transactions in the world is 7.45%, and in many remittance corridors apply significantly higher rates, which can reach 15%.

Uulala plans to take advantage of mobile money transfers through thousands of points of deposit of funds and through their Power User program. Their platform will also offer value-added services, such as entertainment products, the ability to replenish the balance of mobile phone, paying invoices abroad, forming a credit profile and cashback.

In addition to this, Uulala has filed a patent for in-house developed dynamic method fragmentation, which involves cryptographic data splitting into unique segments, the use of an error-prone Reed code – Solomon and the algorithm for calculating the checksum.

The company will create and track users credit profile, which will allow opportunities for micro-crediting platform that links creditors and lenders.

Overall, the company plans to offer a set of services in one application through an affordable and easy to use platform.

Competitors’ Market Landscape

The most significant competitors are Stellar, Trinity Network Credit, Monetha and Graft.

Traditional companies involved in remittances include Western Union, Paypal and Moneygram.

The project has a fully working MVP and is planning to release a fully working product after the crowdsale.


The token Metrics are outlined below:

  • Soft Cap: 5m USD
  • Hard Cap: 50m USD
  • Total Supply: 750,000,000 UULA

The token distribution is outlined below:

  • 33% (250,000,000) – private sale participants
  • 33% (250,000,000) to he distributed to public sale participants
  • 10% (75,000,000) reserved by the Company to incentivize community, user adoption and strategic partners.
  • 10% (75,000,000) to be distributed by the company to appropriate founders and early investors at the company’s discretion.
  • 14% (100,000,000) to be distributed by the company to users of the Uulala platform through a referral and rewards program on the platform.

Any unsold tokens in the private sale will go into the public sale.

All unsold tokens from the public sale will stay on the Uulala platform held by the Company for sale only on the platform program

Token sale metrics are provided below:

Private pre-sale

  • 2 million – 2 cents
  • 3 million – 4 cents
  • 5 million – 6 cents
  • Cap – 10 million
  • Token allocation : 250,000,000

Public pre-sale

  • 3,333,333 USD – 8 cents
  • 3,333,333 USD – 10,000,000 USD – 12 cents
  • Cap – 15m
  • Token allocation: 125,000,000

Public sale

  • 5m – 13 cents
  • 2m – 17 cents
  • 18m – 28 cents
  • Cap – 25m
  • Token allocation – 125,000,000

Uulala will use part of the proceeds it received from the commission to buy back tokens the user.


Two executive team members stand out in particular.

Oscar Garcia, CEO

Background – IT, Entrepreneurship

Relevant experience and achievements:

1) SEO Experience in Explore talent – creating online sales channels
2) Created web90x – e-commerce company
3) CEO in Batched – platform for services used by online merchants (mainly processing)

Oscar has relevant experience in programming and business development. It is clear that he has an understanding how to work with merchants and payment processors. Based on his contacts he is creating Uulala. He also has experience running a company, which alone is important.

A major issue is that he does not have experience implementing global projects.

Frank Dicrisi, COO

Background – Statistics

Relevant experience and achievements: COO in Atlantic Pacific Processing Systems, Inc. (payment processor).

Frank has a relevant experience, education and connections.

Alan Alvardo, CTO


Background: IT
Relevant experience and achievements: Ten years experience in IT; especially noteworthy are his jobs at Ktapulta Ventures and Opencap (both companies are involved in financial services in Mexico).


Uulala offers a traditional use of blockchain for payment facilitation. The project is rather ambitious, has a clear business strategy and focus on the LATAM. The team is educated and has the necessary connections with the payment processors, electronic payment providers and merchants.


  • The token use case is supplementary. -0.5
  • There is quite a big difference between private sale price and public sale prices. -1.5
  • Competition is rather fierce in this segment. Finance is the first sector that has been disrupted by lockchain. -1.5
  • Low hype level. It seems they are mainly focused on regional marketing and do not have big brand awareness inside global crypto community. -1
  • The token will be harder to list with the multichain tokens on the exchanges. -1
  • Had cap is rather high for the current market. -1

Growth Factors

  • Idea and business case are clear. +1
  • The company has provided potential sales projections. Judging from the number of users they plan to have, their network can achieve a very high transaction volume and capitalization in the long term. +1
  • A focus on Latam, with relevant connections in the industry can allow Uulala to penetrate market fast. +2
  • MVP is available, and they are planning to launch their app after crowdsale. +3
  • Buyback mechanism is in place. +1
  • The company has managed to secure several relevant partnerships like YipTV (streaming service), Federal Consumers Association (which can bring a lot of users for their platform) and Bitlumens (provides lending options). +2
  • Team is above average, well built and educated with a relevant connection in the industry. +1.5


Uulala has a noble vision of providing financial services in unbanked regions with a focus on LATAM. They have a team with the necessary skills and background as well as partnerships to back them up. However, there are many risks and ROI maybe not doing so well in the short term. After they get many users on board, it could be a good investment in the long term. I would say it is a good investment for people who share their vision and could use their app in the future. Uulala gets 5 of 10.

Investment Details

  • Type: Utility (supplementary token)
  • Symbol: UULA
  • Platform: Multichain
  • Crowdsale: Ongoing
  • Minimum Investment: none
  • Price: 13-28 dollar cents depending on the round
  • Hard Cap: 50m
  • Payments Accepted: USD, BTC, LTC, ETH.
  • Restrictions Barred from Participating: None

General details :

website : https://tokensale.uulala.io/

WP : https://tokensale.uulala.io/white_paper.html

FB : https://www.facebook.com/UULALAapp/

Telegram : https://t.me/uulalacommunity

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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