Japan’s GMO Launches App to Reward Gamers in Bitcoin

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GMO Japan Bitcoin Cryptochips

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GMO Internet, a leading Japanese Internet services provider that offers online services including cryptocurrency trading, has developed “CryptoChips by GMO” to enable distribution of cryptocurrency as remuneration within games, according to an announcement on its website.

CryptoChips, which will initially support bitcoin, will allow players to receive cryptocurrency as “secret pocket money” based on players’ rankings within the game or when they acquire items or achieve missions. The players must have their own cryptocurrency wallets to receive the cryptocurrency.

First Offering Available In August

CryptoChips’ first initiative will be in August in “Whimsical War,” a real-time territorial battle game. CryptoChips will distribute bitcoin in accordance with player rankings. In Whimsical War, the placement of characters on the battlefield is key to winning the game. Players can form tag teams and engage in tag team battles.

CryptoChips, which will be offered through a GMO group company, will be mounted on the group’s other game applications and will eventually include competitors’ game titles.

Meanwhile, on June 6, the group will launch GMO miner B2, a mining machine equipped with mining chips using a 7 nm process technology.

A Cryptocurrency Pioneer

GMO Internet Group began offering cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency FX in May 2017.

The company reported launching its cryptocurrency mining venture in Northern Europe in December, noting that it was utilizing renewable energy that is plentiful in that region. The facility has a production target of 500 petahashes per second.

In February, GMO Group announced a two-year rental contract for its cloud mining venture for $5 million to cover power costs, maintenance, land, and security. The operation will support bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The company said it will accept up to eight contracts per month, and that it is considering a less costly alternative mining service.

Earlier last year, GMO Click, the world’s largest forex broker, announced plans to integrate its trading services with its bitcoin wallet – GMO Wallet Co. Ltd.

In 2014, GMO Internet announced it would allow its 48,532 Japanese merchants to accept bitcoin. The group’s partners began receiving part of their salaries in bitcoin this past February.

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